The Southeast Trophy Deer Association exists to encourage and promote all ideas on breeding, handling, husbandry and farm management among its members. We promote deer breeding, ranching and all other avenues of cervid products in North America. We aim to acquire and distribute information on all aspects of deer breeding and ranching to our members and to keep members informed of all new breeding and management techniques.

We represent the deer breeding and ranching industry at local, state and national levels of government, to livestock producers and other related organizations. We stand for free trade among all states and to promote the importation and exportation for all producers. We also help to establish and promote ethical standards of conduct and husbandry in deer breeding and ranching.

In closing, we expect our membership to operate legally, morally, ethically, honestly and forthright in their operations and dealings with fellow cervid members, producers and the general public. The Southeast Trophy Deer Association will continue to work diligently to improve our great cervid industry by promoting, educating and expanding opportunities for its membership at all levels.